About Smartified Home

Smartified Home installs and configures smart home solutions, including security and whole-home audio systems. During a renovation, we prepare your home for the future by wiring with Ethernet (Cat6) and coax (RG6).

We use off-the-shelf components and integrate them using an open-source hub, wireless mesh technology, and WiFi. Our focus is to make life easier and safer, without the added cost of monthly subscriptions.

We put home automation, control, and security in the palm of your hand – easily control climate, lights, and door locks with your smartphone or tablet. In addition, receive notifications from any of your connected devices!

About the Owner

Grant Sadler, P.Eng

Grant S. A. Sadler, P.Eng

Grant's passion for home automation started at the early age of 9 when he wired up two light switches at the head of his bed, controlling his stereo and his bedroom light. Knowing he was way ahead of his time, he decided to get an education and some experience under his belt first. He served the telecom industry for over 17 years and then finally decided to come back to his first love, and founded Smartified Home in 2014.

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